Doranala Silks is a saree manufacturing company built on the dream of making quality sarees. alike; that is unparalleled in quality and style with designs inspired by the outdoors. Whether you are of any age, it is our dream to provide you with great-sarees that you will be proud to wear while looking and feeling your best. It is important that our customers know just how dedicated we are to them and the outdoors.


We live breathe and dream in the outdoors and we like to think it shows in our products. From the history and glory, we at Doranala Silks have the ability to manage and serve best to our customers and prospective customers.

Our Vision

Our vision surrounds the idea to serve the best to the customers and make the best of the resources that we have and are lucky enough to serve, we have direct contacts with weavers, no mediators in between, and having the will power to support all sorts of community that are into this business and have enough engagement, we, at Doranala Silks not only work for the customers but also for the people who can have the skills but are unaware of the gold they actually possess and support them by providing customers and taking the legacy of Sri Vasavi Group forward.

Our Mission

Doranala silks started off with the idea to provide the best quality of silk sarees to customers around the world and considering the situation right now it is nearly impossible to do that, since the idea of Doranala Silks, will serve as an online platform for all the sale and purchase of the sarees, taking the legacy of more than 60 years forward with the Doranala Silks we are establishing a promise of keeping the trust and convenience of the customers and giving them better reach to weavers and serving best to all the sectors of the economy.

Our Story

Since the 1970s, the city of Bangalore witnessed a new phase in the fashion business, by the name of Annapurna Silks. It belongs to the family of our CEO Archana Gupta, The love for 6-yards and extensive travel led us to start the venture to dress women elegantly in the most simple way. Traveled to various hamlets around India led to the idea of bringing the craftsmanship to Bangalore through Annapurna Silks. A journey which started with a fine stitching unit is now an abode to the unending collection of block prints and significantly more designs and sarees from all over India and to be show cased and to be sold online so that it could get the reach in the name of Doranala Silks online with the idea to keep the idea of serving the best alive.

Meet The Team


Doranala Nagabhushan Setty

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Chairman of Sri Vasavi Group



Archana Gupta

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CEO of Doranala Silks



Anil Gupta

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Vice Chairman of Sri Vasavi Group